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The following pictures are from Carl Zilch

boats fm air.jpg (84816 bytes) Bramlitt Tanchuk.jpg (35307 bytes) bridge parkey.jpg (91772 bytes) bridge1.jpg (109331 bytes)
1st Plt group 1st Plt w/APC Boats fm air Bramlitt Tanchuck Bridge Parkey Bridge 1
bridge2.jpg (81117 bytes) bridge3.jpg (96828 bytes) chinook.jpg (70019 bytes) deep water.jpg (101483 bytes) delta fm air 1.jpg (98017 bytes) delta fm air 2.jpg (103032 bytes)
Bridge 2 Bridge 3 Chinook Deep Water Delta fm air 1 Delta fm air 2
delta fm air 3.jpg (87635 bytes) delta fm air 4.jpg (87365 bytes) delta fm air 5.jpg (85802 bytes) hootches 2.jpg (73742 bytes) hootches.jpg (95011 bytes) mech.jpg (74759 bytes)
Delta fm air 3 Delta fm air 4 Delta fm air 5 Hootches 2 Hootches Mech
nipapalm and water.jpg (110357 bytes) on apc.jpg (74787 bytes) parkey gates.jpg (83626 bytes) rummy.jpg (82348 bytes) saddle up1.jpg (74448 bytes) sleeping bunker.jpg (73936 bytes)
Palm & water On APC Parkey & Gates Rummy Saddle up 1 Sleeping Bunker
tantru2.JPG (22718 bytes) tan tru.jpg (86300 bytes) vc 1.jpg (14188 bytes) vc 2.jpg (16800 bytes) Watson buck ass.jpg (117537 bytes) watson jeans.jpg (98100 bytes)
Tan Tru 2 Tan Tru VC 1 VC 2 Watson BA Watson jeans
zilch hand wound.jpg (56420 bytes) zilch head wound.jpg (95008 bytes) zilch1.jpg (90309 bytes)
Zlich hand wound Zilch head wound Zilch 1

The following pictures are from David Bramlitt

BRAMLITT SMITH BROWN.jpg (13532 bytes) c-rations.jpg (13245 bytes) ED W-BROWN IN READY HOOCH.jpg (13551 bytes) FLOATING CRAPPER.jpg (14516 bytes)
Bramlitt, Smith & Brown C-rations Sanicki, W. Brown in ready hooch Floating Crapper
group.jpg (14030 bytes) parkey.jpg (8408 bytes) TIGER_SCOUTS.jpg (12621 bytes)
Group Parkey Tiger Scouts

The following pictures are from Bob (Mouse) Mariotti

berets.jpg (19665 bytes) Camp Scott fm air.jpg (35898 bytes) first platoon.jpg (72331 bytes)
Arty FO SGT in deep Arty RTO SGT and Tiger Scout Berets Camp Scott from air First Platoon
Gulardo Aldrich Mariotti.jpg (36438 bytes) incoming.jpg (28867 bytes) Klotz Mariotti.jpg (28840 bytes) Laucks and Arty RTO.jpg (98310 bytes) Loveless Winkler.jpg (18300 bytes)
Gulardo, Aldrich Mariotti Incoming Klotz & Mariotti Laucks and Arty RTO Loveless & Winkler
LT Scott Toole.jpg (24873 bytes) lz.jpg (15738 bytes) Mariotti on walkway.jpg (24966 bytes) Mariotti Thompson.jpg (28492 bytes) Mariotti w-guitar.jpg (10491 bytes)
LT Scott Toole LZ Mariotti on walkway (PSP) Mariotti & Thompson. Mariotti w/guitar
on the road.jpg (63562 bytes) pz.jpg (20744 bytes) rto group.jpg (29838 bytes) Sanicki in hooch.jpg (20490 bytes)

Schaeffer Dunbar Mariotti Tiger Scout.jpg (30704 bytes)

On the road PZ RTO group Sanicki in hooch Schaeffer, Dunbar, Mariotti & Tiger Scout
Slafta Bramlitt.jpg (89564 bytes) Watson with little girl.jpg (71860 bytes) winkler.jpg (20517 bytes) zilch.jpg (83778 bytes) Schaeffer Arty LT.jpg (68183 bytes)
Slafta & Bramlitt Watson with little girl Winkler Zilch Schaeffer & Arty LT


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