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Following is a well deserved tribute to Cadre and soldiers currently assigned. Though converting and training civilians to become soldiers is completely different than the mission we had while assigned to the Go Devil Battalion . Their current mission is vitally important to our national interest and the defense of our nation. We applaud you for continuing the finest traditions of the 2nd Battalion, 60th Infantry. This page will expand as we get more pictures, videos and other information. Be sure to see the official U.S. Army web page of the 2-60 Infantry at the following link BCT, Fort Jackson, SC

Disclaimer: This Web site nor any of its contents are affiliated with nor approved by any element of the Department of Defense Though we would like to be


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The Old
Circa 1967

Camp Scott, Tan Tru, RVN

The New
Circa 1999

Fort Jackson, SC


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2nd Battalion 60th Infantry Fort Jackson, SC
Through these doors pass the finest Cadre and soldiers in the world today



Close combat fire and maneuver range
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Live grenade throw
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