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Supplement to Unit History 1968

These ten pages represent the only document dealing specifically with the 2nd Battalion, 60th Infantry listed in the catalogs of the US Army Military History Institute, Carlisle Barracks, PA.  The listed SUBJECT of the document "ANNUAL SUPPLEMENT TO UNIT HISTORY", followed by a (later?) handwritten notation "1968" suggest that a unit history exists and that annual supplements exist. Sadly, if these other documents do exist, their location is unknown to the Army MHI.  The catalog is under review for other documents relevant to the 2/60 Inf in Vietnam and Cambodia.  My guess would be that the summary of the battalion's activities for 1968 was written by or under the direction of LTC Mahaffey who was CO at the end of 1968 (although the Sept 69 date is curious).  However, as with everything in the "discovery" process those of us attempting to document the unit's past history are undergoing, please let us know if you are aware of who the author really was. Anyway this document is a great find.  The attack on Tan Tru during the early morning of 13 Dec 68 is well described but curiously omits any mention of the US Air Force "Puff The Magic Dragon" who came on station for at least several hours.    - Dave Argabright - 25 Aug 98
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