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The following pictures are from Gene Richardson 1967-1968. Gene was a Platoon Leader in C Company, XO of B Company and CO of E Company.

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Camp Scott Tan An Bridge Unknown ARVN 3rd Bde HQ Tan An 155 How Tan Tru Gene catching zzz at Pink Palace

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Tan Tru VIP Pad ARVN Compound Ben Luc Bridge Fun Run Pink Palace PPSI IV Radar Tan Tru Christmas 1967 at C Company

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The following pictures are from Lee Moorman 1967-1968, Lee was in the Recon and 4.2 (107mm) Mortar Platoons.

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Aircats An Nhut Tan observation tower and marketplace Lee Moorman at Tan Tru Dale James
SSG Doty
Nov 67
Plain of Reeds
Lee Moorman
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Pink Palace '68
Sullin, Hannan Moorman
Recon Mascot
Moorman, '67
"Out to the Party"
Leaving on a Mission
Tan Tru
First day at Pink Palace Road Clearing
Tan Tru to Tan An
Oct 67
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SGT Harry Pauley
Relief at the tube
SSG Doty
"Going Home"
Twin 40's
at Tan Tru

An Nhut Tan 4.2 Mortar FDC 1968
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Pink Palace
4.2 Mortar Fire Mission
Moorman 1967 Tan Tru Pauley Moorman Recon Barracks Tan Tru Lorenz, Pauley, Whiskey,
Bramlett, Mel
Recon Shower Tan Tru 4.2 Fire Mission

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The following pictures are from Bob (Mel) Vargas 1967-1968

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Name these soldiers Name this soldier Radar tower

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The following pictures are from Gary Musick 1968-1969. Gary served in A Company 2nd Platoon and E Company Gun Jeeps (Anti Tank Platoon).

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Feeding OP's Billy Murr A Company 2nd Plt David Hayes D & E Companies Check Point # 5 David Hayes
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Ann Margaret Billy Murr & Gary Musick & pups Company Area after a rain Ann Margaret & Bob Hope Regulars at Check Point 5
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Road OP's Choppers waiting for Eagle flights Village of Tan Tru Unknown people on the road Unknown in the mud
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Papa San and paddies Gary Musick Papa San & his hooch Musick & unknown on dike Another check point 5

Ron "Ski" Rutowski (HHC/E Co) with Kids at Tan Tru in 1967 or 1968. 
Ron is looking to hook up with old buddies from Vietnam.

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