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Wilson & Bertsch Playing horseshoes Ward fixing a radiator Peasant between Dong Tam and Pink Palace Truck driver's hooch Tan Tru POL truck after hitting a command detonated mine
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ARVN drove into rice paddy Sanitation detail VIP Landing Water Buffalo Rice Paddy
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B Company 3/4 after it hit a mine Romanowski & Verdugo with dead Cobra Air Strike outside of Tan Tru Water truck sliding Bertsch's truck stuck outside of motor pool
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Mess Hall garbage, Pink Palace Water point west of  Pink Palac

Tan Tru view from truck drivers hooch

Popping smoke for VIP landing Tan Tru Bertsch fixing flats


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The following photos are from  David Doig as a Support Platoon truck driver

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CSM Donald Ailiff provided the photos below. 

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CSM Ailiff was 1st Sergeant of E Company before becoming the Battalion Command Sergeant Major.  We put his pictures in HHC where he held his highest rank though some could be while he was 1st Sergeant of E Company.



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